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Mise À jour le 01/03/2010


Commentaire: Format et techniques libres
Doc à tous
Les œuvres seront exposées à la médiathèque de Pézenas en juin 2010.

Date limite: 15 mars 2010

ADRESSE: Les Timbrés de l'art postal
B.P. 32


THÈME: Spring Colour

Commentaire: "The MOOP and Labspace Studio present; 
SPRING Mail Art Show
in concert with Hot Soup 
Theme; Spring Colour
All works to be displayed in March at the Museum and then a one night gallery show at Hot Soup April 1st in Toronto. 
Hot Soup is a monthly series serving up some of the city's finest innovators in sound and performance in jazz, experimental sound, contemporary dance and theatre.
Book works welcome for the MOOP artists library and send us your mail art calls, the show will also have a list of suggestions for those interested in taking up mail art.
Documentation to all participants with return address."

Date limite: March 31st, 2010.

ADRESSE: Museum of Ornamental Post
457 Craven Road
Toronto, ON
Canada M4L 2Z5



Commentaire: Size: maximum: 40 cms by 30 cms
Technic: not fixed
Number of works: maximum 3-4
No returns.
The Local Authority of Nyíracsád, Dózsa György Cultural Centre and the Tour inform Office (Hungary) are calling for an application to create Mail-Art (postal –art) works of arts.
There will be an exhibition from the works of arts opening on 24 April 2010 in the Mill Gallery in Nyíracsád.
We are planning to continue this application every second year with different topics.
We are also planning to open a Mail Art Gallery in Nyíracsád and exhibit the collection there.
The works mustn’t disturb any national feelings or feelings of ethnic minorities.

Date limite: 31 March 2010

ADRESSE: Kiss József
Széchenyi Street 11.


THÈME: Critical Mass

Commentaire: A friend is converting her warehouse in Eagle Rock into a "pop-up" art space for the months of April and May. Part of the exhibits and performances is a mailart show I am organizing, on the theme of "Critical Mass". So get your creativeness in gear and make some fabulous thing that can be mailed to the warehouse called pLAyLAnd.
no entry fee, no returns
Exhibition: Everything sent will be exhibited starting April 3.
Documentation: Every artist will get documentation mailed to them (be sure to include your return address).

Date limite: April 1, 2010

4140 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065


THÈME: One People One Planet

Commentaire: This project is to promote unity and understanding. My goal is to receive 500 entries from all over the world. I will display the art in exhibitions within my community.

Date limite: 03.04.2010

ADRESSE: Cailin Notch
P.O.Box 1183
Jacksonville, OR 97530


THÈME: la vie, les arbres, la nature, l'enfance, la solidarité, la tolérance, l'amitié, le don du sang, le don de soi, la citoyenneté

Commentaire: 8ème rendez-vous de l'ART POSTAL
17 et 18 avril 2010 – Salle des fêtes de VIENNE
Exposition « Artistes et Art Postal »organisée par l'Association « Une vie, un arbre » au profit des enfants malades. Depuis 2003, nous proposons ce rendez-vous avec l'Art Postal et exposons de nombreuses enveloppes d'artistes et depuis 2009, nous offrons, en outre, à 12 artistes un espace d'exposition pour leurs œuvres d'Art Postal mais aussi toutes leurs toiles, leurs sculptures, leurs créations plastiques singulières, leurs photos, leurs estampes, ...Avec les recettes de ces expositions et notamment la vente des enveloppes d'artistes, nous avons déjà versé 18 500 € au profit des enfants malades :
8 500 € offerts à des associations qui œuvrent auprès des enfants malades
10 000 € pour l'achat de 10 ordinateurs portables offerts pour les enfants hospitalisés à l'IHOP
De la part de tous ces enfants, MERCI !
Artistes d'un jour, ou artistes de toujours, aidez-nous à poursuivre notre action en créant pour ces enfants de belles œuvres d'art postal !
Vous avez l'âme créatrice et le cœur débordant de générosité. Nous avons la volonté farouche de faire plus encore. Ensemble, apportons un peu de réconfort à ces enfants qui traversent des épreuves difficiles.
Les enveloppes seront en rapport avec les thèmes suivants : la vie, les arbres, la nature, l'enfance, la solidarité, la tolérance, l'amitié, le don du sang, le don de soi, la citoyenneté

Date limite: 5 avril 2010

ADRESSE: Association « Une vie, un arbre »
B.P. 32


THÈME: The Point

Commentaire: The printmakers of Gallery 455 seek mail art submissions responding to the title and theme of "The Point".
Technique: free.
No returns.
Exhibition: All works will be exhibited in April-May of 2010.

Date limite: April 12, 2010

ADRESSE: Jordan Anderson
MMC Art Department
2900 N. Menomonee River Parkway
Milwaukee, WI 53222-4597


THÈME: Splice

Commentaire: To join together or unite. Splice has multiple definitions, but crucially contains the word ICE, which directly references the combination of chemotherapy I will be receiving for the duration of cancer treatment for relapsed Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford in the month of January, 2010.
Size/Media: 2D pieces, 12cm x 12cm (standard CD cover size). 3D pieces, must fit through a standard UK letterbox (approx. 12 x 2 inches or 30cm x 5cm).
Video or audio pieces are also welcome, as long as they conform to the above size guidelines.
All submissions to be accompanied by a passport sized photograph or representation of the contributor. Note. It doesn't have to be an actual passport photograph.
No returns.
Exhibition: Works will be shown in Oxford or London or both. Venue and date to be announced. By submitting your mail art, you grant us permission to display it publicly.
Documentation: Artworks will be posted on the blog at

Date limite: April 30, 2010

ADRESSE: Ruben Cooke
13 Shipton Road


THÈME: sex trafficking

Commentaire: Create art about the networks of sex trafficking, then send it to Sexual Assault Centre Kingston using the networks of the postal system. If networks can facilitate sex trafficking, networks can be used to speak out against it too.

Date limite: 01.05.2010

ADRESSE: Annie Chau
P.O. Box 1461
Kingston, ON, K7P 1A4



Commentaire: free, but must be handmade on paper - painting, drawing, printing, collage, poetry, rhymes, photos and written thoughts.
maximum 2 works per person
No e-mail
Size: 10 x 15 cm to 21 x 29 cm
No jury, no returns, no fee.
Please include your name, address and e-mail address on the back.
Exhibition: June 5th at the Il Chiostro, Piazza Cermenati 5, Lecco, Italy .
The opening will include the participation of children. All works will be exhibited but they should be suitable for children. Erotic images, violent or bitter works will not be included in the show.
Documentation: photos of exhibitions and projects undertaken will be post on our blog:

Date limite: May 1, 2010

ADRESSE: Scuola per l'infanzia
via San Nicolò 1
I-23900 Lecco


THÈME: Man = Hidden Tenderness

Commentaire: The Museum of J. Rozentals Saldus History and Art invites you to participate in mail art project „Definition: Man = Hidden Tenderness”.
We are interested how do you see hidden tenderness in man? Maybe it is all of his quintessence? Maybe we can observe it in symbolic, ekstravagance or deformed way? But maybe man’s tenderness is not so hidden, but we are just inattentive to it?
We are colecting mail art works for exhibition. Deadline of the project is May 5th 2010. Afterwards the result will be put in our blog:

Date limite: May 5th 2010

ADRESSE: J.Rozentāla Saldus vēstures un mākslas muzejs
Striķu iela 22
Saldus LV- 3800



Commentaire: I-st South-Russia Biennale of Contemporary Art in Rostov on Don. May-June 2010
Theme Biennale : Communication Session
Mail Art Project: ANY PENNY
6 MAY 2010 – Celebration 170-th of anniversary first postage stamp in history,
Mail Art Project “ANY PENNY” deducated to stamps like a visual communicative Image, Its Any looks of artists to stamp–money and art-stamp.
Any Penny - Any stamps!
Size: from 2x2cm to 20x30cm
Artworks: about stamps, from stamps, artistamps, any artworks keeping stamp-style.
Art-money also welcomed.
All artworks will be exibited
No return. Answer to all with “Any Penny”

Date limite: deadline for Rostov on Don, Biennale Exibition 06/05/2010
deadline for Moscow( may be St. Petersburg) Exibition 31/12/2010

ADRESSE: Konstantin Kalendaroff,

127051 Russia,
Lihov per. 2/3-8 


THÈME: Postcards to the G8

Commentaire: "Postcards to the G8" call for entries -- Postcards to the G8 is a visual arts show (June 5-30, 2010 at Chapel Gallery) which will run during the 2010 G8 Summit in the host community of Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Muskoka Arts and Crafts is calling on artists world wide to inform G8 leaders, through their artwork, of issues of public concern in their home countries. Submissions may be created in any medium, and executed on a 4X6" 'postcard' sized piece of paper. There is no limit to the number of pieces an artist may submit and no entry fee. Visit website (

Date limite: May 15, 2010

ADRESSE: G-8 Mailart Show
Box 36
Bracebridge, Ontario
Canada P1L 1T7



Commentaire: Since 1998, Karl F. Hacker has published "El Mail Tao" the International Journal of Mail Art History Today. You are invited to participate in this original assembling magazine.
Technique: please send 25 works on the subject of Mail Art History Today.
Painting, collage, drawing or photo, but not B/W photocopies.
Size: A4 only
Media: paper, numbered and signed 1/25 through 25/25.
Documentation: a copy of the publication will be sent to all participants

Date limite: May 30, 2010

ADRESSE: Karl F. Hacker
El Mail Tao
Karolingerstr. 67


THÈME: Les épouvantails

Commentaire: Techniques et formats libres
Catalogue à tous les participants
Les œuvres seront exposées à MULINO ANGELI
Au musée des épouvantails.

Date limite: 30 juin 2010

Via De Amicis, 35/37
40060 DOZZA (BO)


THÈME: Capital Flower

Commentaire: Size/Media: free
Exhibition: Artworks will be exhibited in Germany while Moers and the Rurh region are being designated as the "European cultural capital of 2010".

Date limite: June 30, 2010

ADRESSE: Frau Silke
RECK VHS Moers - Kamp-Lintfort
Kastell 5
Moers 47441



Commentaire: What is a universal language for you? In which manner do you communicate your dreams, energy and wishes to other people? What is the easiest way of communication and what does communication mean for you?
Please send me your interpretation of this phenomenon and give your creative energy to all people who will see this exhibition.
Technique: free
Size/Media: Preferable the work will be handmade on paper, (max. 2 works,
size: 10 x 15 cm/up to 21 x 29 cm
Snail mail only.
No jury, no return, no fee.
Exhibition: during August 2010 in CEH (Centro de Estudios Hispanicos), Sarajevo
Documentation: Artworks will be permanently displayed on my blog
Images of exhibition will also be e-mailed (include your e-mail address, name, surname, country, address and web site if one exists).

Date limite: July 31, 2010

ADRESSE: Natasa Stanisic
Asima Ferhatovica 1
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina


THÈME: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition
La Journée internationale du souvenir de la traite négrière et de son abolition

Commentaire: 23 August: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition
The night of 22 to 23 August 1791, in Santo Domingo (today Haiti and the Dominican Republic) saw the beginning of the uprising that would play a crucial role in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.
International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is intended to inscribe the tragedy of the slave trade in the memory of all peoples. In accordance with the goals of the intercultural project "The Slave Route", it should offer an opportunity for collective consideration of the historic causes, the methods and the consequences of this tragedy, and for an analysis of the interactions to which it has given rise between Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean.
Submissions from mail artists throughout the world in the project
23 August, International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition,
partner project of Unesco
Size/Format:. 10x15 (Postcard that can be hung on walls)
Exhibition: 23 août 2010
Post Cards will not be returned
All works will be posted olso over on the blog :

La Journée internationale du souvenir de la traite négrière et de son abolition est célébrée le 23 août de chaque année. C'est dans la nuit du 22 au 23 août 1791 qu'a commencé à Saint-Domingue (aujourd'hui Haïti et République dominicaine) l'insurrection qui devait jouer un rôle déterminant dans l'abolition de la traite négrière transatlantique.
La Journée internationale du souvenir de la traite négrière et de son abolition vise à inscrire la tragédie de la traite dans la mémoire de tous les peuples. Conformément aux objectifs du projet interculturel "'La route de l'esclave", elle doit offrir l'occasion d'une réflexion commune sur les causes historiques, les modalités et les conséquences de cette tragédie, ainsi que d'une analyse des interactions
Commentaire: L’ artiste Inêz OLudé da Silva invite les artistes du monde entier à Participer au projet de mailart: « La Journée internationale du souvenir de la traite négrière et de son abolition », projet partenaire de l’ Unesco
Exposition pour tous dans le blog et dans différents lieux (à annoncer plus tard)
Projet non commercial
Pas de jury.
Pas de retour.
Taille: Carte Postale (10 x 15 cm, maximum), qui puisse être accrochée au mur
Technique: Libre
Envoyez aussi une photo pour le blog : Exposition : 23 août 2010, lieu à annoncer plus tard

23 de Agosto: Dia Internacional da Lembrança do Tráfico Negreiro e sua Abolição
Proejto parceiro da Unesco
A noite de 22 para 23 de agosto de 1791, em Santo Domingo (hoje Haiti e República Dominicana) marcou o início da insurreição que iria desempenhar um papel crucial na abolição do tráfico transatlântico de escravos.
Dia Internacional da Lembrança do Tráfico de Escravos e sua Abolição destina-se a inscrever a tragédia do tráfico de escravos na memória de todos os povos. Em conformidade com os objectivos do projecto intercultural "A Rota do Escravo", que deve oferecer uma oportunidade para reflexão coletiva sobre as causas históricas, os métodos e as conseqüências dessa tragédia, e para uma análise das interações a que deu origem entre África, Europa, Américas e Caribe.
A artista OLudé da Silva convida artistas do monde inteiro à Participar do projeto de mailart: «Dia Internacional da Memória do Trafico Negreiro e sua Abolição projeto parceiro da Unesco
Exposição de todos os postais no blog e em diferentes lugares (anunciarei ulteriormente)
Projet não commercial
Não tem júri.
Não tem retorno
Dimensões: Cartão Postal (10 x 15 cm, maximo)
Técnica: Livre
Envie também uma foto para colocar no blog :
Expoição : 23 de agosto 2010,

23 de Agosto: Día Internacional del Recuerdo de la Trata de Esclavos y de su Abolición
En la noche del 22 al 23 de agosto de 1791, se produjo en Santo Domingo (actualmente Haití y la República Dominicana) el comienzo de una sublevación que seria de decisiva importancia para la Abolición del comercio transatlantico de eslavos.
La finalidad que persigue el Día Internacional del Recuerdo de la Trata de Esclavos y de su Abolición es Registar a la tragedia del comercio de esclavos en la memoria de todos los pueblos. De conformidad con los objetivos del proyecto intercultural "La Ruta del Esclavo", ha de representar la ocasión para Efectuar un examen colectivo de las causas históricas, métodos los y las consecuencias de esa tragedia, y para analizar las interacciones a que dio lugar entre África , Europa, Caribe y las Américas.
A artista mail Inêz OLudé da Silva invita artistas del mundo entero à Participar del proyecto de mailart: "23 de Agosto:,Día Internacional del Recuerdo de la Trata de Esclavos y de su Abolición- proyecto parcero de la Unesco
Exposición de todos los postales en el blog y en diferentes lugares (anunciaré mas tarde)
Envie también una foto para el blog :
Non hay jurado.
Non se devuelven los postales
Proyecto non comercial
Dimensiones: Cartão Postal (10 x 15 cm, maximo)
Técnica: Libre

Data limite: 31 juillet 2010

ADRESSE: Inêz da Silva
Rue Saint Bernard, 17- bte 54
1060 -Bruxelles - Belgique


THÈME: Miniature Masterpiece Art Exhibition 2010

Commentaire: We invite artists from all over the world to contribute their work in this
exhibition called the Miniature Masterpiece Art Exhibition 2010 (MMAE)
Theme: OPEN Technique: OPEN Size: A4 ONLY
You can send up to 10 artworks, on paper or canvas (2D ONLY), sized A4 (21 x 30
cm). THERE IS NO PARTICIPATION FEE. ORIGINAL (painting, drawing, etching, lino,
woodcut or litho) art works only, (no photo, photocopy or digital print).
Certificate will be send to all participants from MMAE to acknowledge your mail
art/s is in our permanent collection. Artworks will not be returned and become
the collection of MMAE. Each artwork will be exhibited.
Gallery 2929 (Galeri ASWARA), National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage
(ASWARA), Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (September/ October 2010)
Please include:-
Full name, Address, Country, Title of work, Medium, Year, E-mail address, Web
site & CV.
Please label your artwork/s as a GIFT or SOUVENIR – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.

Date limite: 1st August 2010

ADRESSE: Mr Suzlee Ibrahim
MMAE 2010
Faculty of Fine Art
2929, Jalan Ledang Off Jalan Duta
50480 Kuala Lumpur


THÈME: Learning Differences

Commentaire: Please send mail art on the topic of learning disabilities.
Size/Media: free
Exhibition: Elgin Art Showcase in September 2010
Documentation: to all participants
No returns

Date limite: September 1, 2010

407 South Liberty Street
Elgin, IL 60120


THÈME: European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion (2010)

Commentaire: For our exhibition in october please send us postcards corresponding to the theme

Date limite: 15.09.2010

ADRESSE: Beratungsstelle Kaplan Bonetti
Klostergasse 2
6850 Dornbirn



Commentaire: To introduce mail art in Indonesia ,we, Bantul National Museum (BNM) an independent mini museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, invite all of you , mail art activist and mail art lovers, to promote our program, to introduce mail art works in Indonesia, because in 
Indonesia mail art not popular yet, also information about it.
Half of Young Indonesian artist don’t know about mail art. So, with this program can introduce mail art and even participated in international mail art.
BNM hopes can realize that mail art is one of visual communication that can accept and understanding to everyone, everywhere without differences. In this world is contain a lot of races, nations with their own languages, cultures, is for understanding and respectful each other. And visual art is one way to be communicating it.
We have a planning for an exhibition at October 10, 2010 to realize our program.
You can participate, so send your work:
Size : min. 10x15 cm; max 25x30 cm
You can send it as postcard or as a letter in envelope.
Also your name, address, e-mail, contact person, and CV

Date limite: October 10, 2010

ADRESSE: Secretariat BNM
RT. 06, Bangmalang, Cepit ,
Pendowoharjo, Sewon , Bantul 
Yogyakarta, 55185


THÈME: Caffeinated Correspondence

Commentaire: Most of my ideas are caffeine inspired on sleepless nights I fill my
art journal with sketches and catch phrases hoping to remember the reason I
thought it was a good idea in the morning. What ideas come to you when you are wired?
Media/Size: free as long as it is mailed through traditional mail systems.
No returns
Exhibition: I have a traveling mail art collection, goes to open art shows,
hospitals, kids art classes. If you would like a response or credit then please include necessary information.
Documentation: If you would like a picture and brief message updates of who
enjoys looking at your piece of art then include your email on what would be considered the back side.

Date limite: November 30, 2010

ADRESSE: Buggurl Productions / E J Terrian
1403 Howland
Kalamazoo, MI 49001


THÈME: Arte Povera / Reciclado / Collage

Commentaire: Técnica: Libre - No se aceptan materiales perecederos –
Mediadas: Postal hasta A4
Documentación en:

Date limite: Diciembre de 2010

ADRESSE: Enviar a Samuel Montalvetti
Av. Rivadavia 2109 – 1º Dto 3
C1034ACA C.A.Bs.As.


THÈME: Poesía Visual

Commentaire: Las Formas de las Letras
Técnica Libre.
Medias. Postal Hasta A4
Documentación en

Date limite: Diciembre de 2010

ADRESSE: Enviar a Samuel Montalvetti
Av. Rivadavia 2109 – 1º Dto 3
C1034ACA C.A.Bs.As.


THÈME: No Commercial Potential

Commentaire: It's Only Mail Art vi invita a partecipare al nuovo progetto 2010
It’s Only Mail Art invites you to partecipate in the new project 2010
No Commercial Potential
Il produrre arte che risponda esclusivamente alle proprie esigenze creative senza scendere a compromessi per renderla bene di consumo
The production of an art that fits exclusively one’s own creative needs without stooping to compromises to make it a consumer good
Formato: libero / Format: free
Tecnica libera : 2 & 3 d, musica,video, performance, poesia e brevi racconti (su supporto digitale)
Technique free: 2 & 3 d, music, video, performance, poetry and small stories(on digital support)
nessuna restituzione, nessuna tassa, nessuna selezione,nessuna giuria / no return, no fee, no selection, no jury
(No pornography please)
I lavori vanno spediti al seguente indirizzo: / Works should be sent at the following address:
Maurizio Follin, Via M.te Cervino, 27
30173 Favaro - Venezia - Italy
indicando nome, cognome, nazionalità ed indirizzo dell'artista + indirizzo e-mail (per l’invio della documentazione finale) ed eventuale sito web
please insert name, surname, country, address + e-mail address (for notification of final documentation) and web site if exist.
Tutti i lavori devono essere spediti per posta con affrancatura postale / All works must be send by post with postage stamps.
Catalogo on-line su sito: / On line catalogue on the website:
Catalogo in pdf scaricabile a cura di / pdf catalog by : Claudio Romeo
Esposizioni (in data da definire) presso / Exibition:
Galleria Terre Rare - Bologna
Garage N.3 Gallery - Venezia Mestre
Spazio espositivo "Barrique" - Scriò di Dolegna del Collio GO
Evento organizzato in collaborazione con / Event organized in collaboration with:
DodoDada Arte Postale -
Terre Rare - http://
Ambasciata di Venezia :
Reantà Non Ordinaria -
Testi critici : Giancarlo Da Lio

Date limite: 2010, December 10th

ADRESSE: Maurizio Follin, Via M.te Cervino, 27
30173 Favaro - Venezia - Italy



Commentaire: Send me a postcard that represents what you would ask for if granted a wish, and I write a haiku for you about it and post it in my gallery online."No jury, no fee, no return, every participant will receive a documentation of the project"

Date limite: 24.12.2010

ADRESSE: Naomi Healing
24 Monastery Road
Savannah, GA 31411


THÈME: Les Merveilles du Monde - The Wonders of World

Commentaire: Illustrez l'une des sept merveilles du monde Antique : les Pyramides, les jardins suspendus, le temple d'Artémis, la Statue de Zeus, le tombeau de Mausole, la statue d'Hélios, le phare d'Alexandrie .
ou une autre, ancienne ou moderne, que vous voudriez voir classer : Le Mont Saint Michel, le Taj Mahal, La Tour de Pise, Le Tunnel de la Manche, L'Empire State Building, Le Viaduc de Millau etc
Technique libre - Pas de jury - Pas de retour
Toutes les créations seront publiées sur

llustrate one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World :Pyramid, Hanging gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Zeus, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, lighthouse of Alexandria...
or any others wonders of the medieval or modern world : Mont Saint Michel, Taj Mahal, Leaning tower of Pisa, Channel Tunnel, Empire State building, Millau Viaduct etc...
Free technique - No jury - No return
All creations will be published on

Date limite: 31 décembre 2010

ADRESSE: Servane Morel
Avenue Wellington, 4
1180 Bruxelles



Commentaire: This will be the new FRIOUR project. Personally I don't know any
music that embodies more the thirst for freedom than jazz music. Jazz
includes the notions of improvisations and excitement. It liberated the soul
and hearts of many, opened new roads and ways of playing music and listening
to music. In recent years I've become a huge jazz fan and became even
friends with a few Belgian jazz musicians, attending concerts and festivals
as much as I could. Despite all that jazz there is little room for
improvisation in business life, personal life and society as a whole. Do
people need a worldwide crisis to be controlled? Blow all fear away and
send your contributions for the next Friour Review issue.
Free medium.
Maximum size: A4.

Date limite: 31/12/2010

Friour #11, All that Jazz & still no Freedom
Guido Vermeulen
Vinçottestreet 81
B-1030 Brussels



Commentaire: I-st South-Russia Biennale of Contemporary Art in Rostov on Don. May-June 2010
Theme Biennale : Communication Session
Mail Art Project: ANY PENNY
6 MAY 2010 – Celebration 170-th of anniversary first postage stamp in history,
Mail Art Project “ANY PENNY” deducated to stamps like a visual communicative Image, Its Any looks of artists to stamp–money and art-stamp.
Any Penny - Any stamps!
Size: from 2x2cm to 20x30cm
Artworks: about stamps, from stamps, artistamps, any artworks keeping stamp-style.
Art-money also welcomed.
All artworks will be exibited
No return. Answer to all with “Any Penny”

Date limite: for Moscow( may be St. Petersburg) Exibition 31/12/2010

ADRESSE: Konstantin Kalendaroff,

127051 Russia,
Lihov per. 2/3-8 


THÈME: Button, button, who has the button?

Commentaire: For this project I am looking for postcards showing buttons, the kind used to fasten clothes. If you include your address (clearly written or labeled) i will send a postcard to you.

Date limite: 31.12.2010

ADRESSE: Barbara Brannon
19275 Robinson Road
Sonoma, CA 95476
United States of America


THÈME: Honoring the Shadow

Commentaire: The Shadow is a psychological term introduced by the late Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. It is everything in us that is repressed, undeveloped and denied, both dark and light. The shadow represents all that the conscious person does not wish to acknowledge 
within themselves. Jung emphasized the importance of being aware of shadow material and incorporating it into conscious awareness. 
Otherwise we project these attributes onto others.
Honor your shadow by giving it visual form.
All mediums are welcome.
Artworks will be permanently displayed on my website.

Date limite: December 31 2010.

ADRESSE: Honoring the Shadow
c/o David Aronson
3330 Dogwood Dr.
Willow Grove, PA 19090


THÈME: lucas cranach & martin luther

Commentaire: book-art-call
look at:〈=de&content=17
send me 25 ex. prints, numbered and signed.You get a book with 14 other participants.

Date limite: 31.12.2010

ADRESSE: wilhelm schramm
Sonnenbergstr. 2 F
6700 bludenz



Commentaire: State stamps or mail art stamps? Make artistamps and send them on an
Size, media and technique: free
No returns, no fee, no jury
Answer to all with a paper assembling car model

Date limite: January 30, 2011

ADRESSE: Giovanni Lattuca
Viale Italia, 36
I-93017 S. Cataldo-CL


THÈME: el paisaje / the landscape

Commentaire: Envíe por correo postal el paisaje de su preferencia: urbano, marino, aéreo, poético, fotográfico, imaginario, abstracto, surrealista, etc.
Medida: pequeño formato (10 x 15 cms.)
Técnica: libre (si es digital enviar copia impresa por correo postal)
Las obras enviadas (sin retorno) serán publicadas en:
Eliso arte correo:
El mundo del paisaje:
Por cada obra enviada será remitida otra de mi autoría

Subject: the landscape
It sends by postal mail the landscape of his preference: urban, marine, aerial, poetic, photographic, imaginary, abstract, surrealistic,etc.
Small format: (10 x 15 cms.)
Technique: free (if he is digital to send copy printed by postal mail)
The sent works (without return) will be published in:
Eliso Arte Correo:
El Mundo Del Paisaje:
By each sent work another one will be sent (my work)

Date limite: 28 de febrero de 2011

ADRESSE: Eliso Ignacio Silva
Apartado 67011
Caracas 1061 - Venezuela



Commentaire: If you want to participate in this project,please send me a post card or e-mail with your address.Then I'll send you a quarter-circle strawboard.
You can add some art works on the quarter-circle strawboard I Enclosed.All you have to do is to return to me them.

Date limite: 31.12.2012

ADRESSE: Hong In Young
#902-305.Cho-won Dea-won apt.
Pyung-An-dong.Dong-An-gu.An-Yang-city.Kyoung-Ki-do 431-743
South Korea


THÈME: 10 Years of Boxes and Envelopes - a collective and continual time capsule project

Commentaire: Within a box, envelope or other container place and item or items that you wish to include in your personal time capsule. This may come in the form of a letter, drawing, photo or object. You may wish to include something that is significant or symbolic of who 
you are at this time, or the way you perceive the world around you. What you place in your time capsule is completely up to you (please do not include any organic material as customs may confiscate them).
- Seal your vessel
- Label the outside of your container with the project tittle, your name (or alias), and the date it was sealed
Each capsule will remain sealed until the project concludes on September 1st 2019. On the day the Grand Opening will occur (location and times to be decided at a later date). At the grand opening visitors will be invited to open the capsules, the contents will be documented and exhibited (locally and on-line). All participants will receive an official certificate of  participation, project ticker and post card once your capsule has been received. Please feel free to design and decorate your capsule as you please, upon being received they will be photographed and documented progressively at

Date limite: September 1st 2019

PO Box 15
QLD, 4054


THÈME: Long Distance Running Mail Art Project 

Commentaire: Mail art call for artistic submissions. Format and media: free. Technique: no limitations. Feel free to express yourself! No fee, no returns. No deadline. Periodical exhibitions in Russia. Periodical documentation via snail mail to every participant.

Date limite: Sans date limite

ADRESSE: Ivan Zemtsov
P.O. Box 28
424037 Russia.


THÈME: Taureau symbole de l'Espagne

Commentaire: Utiliser le Taureau symbole de l'Espagne et l'incorporer dans un dessin, photo, photomontage.
Création originale au format 21x29,7.

Date limite: Sans date limite

ADRESSE: Sébastien Lefebvre
15, rue du jardin rond
28170 Bilheuh France



Commentaire: Technique et grandeur libre
En échange: Carte postale de Montréal avec citation de Proust

Date limite: Sans date limite

6786, deNoermanville
Montréal (Québec) H2S 2C1



Commentaire: Envoyez 22 +2 travaux signés
Thème libre
Format A5 : 14,8 cm x 21 cm
Marges 1 cm
Compilation des travaux en échange
Envoyez vos œuvres à :
Son blog :

Date limite: Sans date limite

ADRESSE: Planet Susannia/Susanna LAKNER
Gräfin-Von-Linden-Weg 24


THÈME: Marijuana

Commentaire: Art call for postcards with the theme of Marijuana. Open to all hand-made traditional mediums.
* Technique: Open, hand-made.
* Postcard Size: Standard.
* Please hand sign all cards.
* No return.
* I will respond with my art postcards of this theme to each art postcard I receive with a legible address.
* All artwork received will be exhibited at:

Date limite: Sans date limite

ADRESSE: C. Gattuso
9353 S. Princeton Street
Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 80130

Mise À jour le 13/12/09

THÈME: Mail-Art to Africa

Commentaire: hello, I want to organise an African mail project by December 28,2009. I would like to to see your postcard! Thanks. Tell you collegues too!

Date limite: December 28,2009

ADRESSE: Tunde Dike,
sw7/180a,Bola Ave.Surulere,
Oke Bola,Ibadan,Oyo state,
Nigeria,West Africa.


THÈME: Creatures of the Midnight Sun

Commentaire: Media/Technique: free
Exhibition: All work exhibited at Summit Art Space in Akron Ohio on New
Year's Eve 2009.

Date limite: December 31, 2009

ADRESSE: Mark Soppeland
576 Fairhill Drive
Akron, Ohio 44313



Commentaire: All pieces received will be exhibited in the Vortex Theatre lobby during the January run of the new multimedia show SURFING UFO.

Date limite: Jan. 8 2010

8003-B Tisdale
Austin, TX 
78757 USA


THÈME: The Art of the Post Card

Commentaire: Mail Art Call to showcase the Postcard in all its variations and permutations. Greetings from your home town, you missed your dental appointment, your trip to the zoo, your choice. Tell a story, make a point, make art. We would also love to see postcards that use English and Spanish.
Help the Cornelius Post Office celebrate the joy of small works of art and personal communication.
Media/Size/Technique: Free - but please send postcards only.
No returns. At the end of the exhibit visitors will be encouraged to take home a piece to brighten their environment.
Exhibition: January 11, 2010 at the Cornelius Post Office.
Documentation: To All. Please insure that you include a return address so we can send one of our postcards in return.

Date limite: January 8, 2010

ADRESSE: Postmaster
1639 Baseline St.
Cornelius, OR 97113



Commentaire: Hosted by The ArtPost Shanty: The Official Postal Shanty of the Art Shanty Projects 2010
Theme: Temperatures can dip to -20F/-29C at night during a cold Minnesota winter. The Lakes freeze and shanties are constructed upon them. We will coordinate a mail art exhibit in one of these shanties during Art Shanty Projects 2010. 2010 will be the fourth Post office on the ice. The mail art exhibition started last year when Jill Waterhouse took over the postal shanty. Around 9000 people come out to experience the 20 shanties each winter.The shanties are only heated when occupied. Please send your mail art based upon the theme "Art on Ice".
Size: Art work should be no larger than 6" x 8" (NOTE: 4 1/4" x 6" is the largest size if you want to use a postcard stamp.)
Please Note: Families with children visit the shanty project. Please take that into consideration in creating your work. (But, don't hold back on irony, sarcasm, politics, humor etc.!)
Exhibition: All work will be shown January 16-February 7, 2010 inside the ArtPost Shanty. If the number of works exceeds available space, we will ask another shanty to host the additional works.
There is no fee to be in the exhibition, but mail art will not be returned.
It will become part of the historical record of the ArtPost Shanty.
Documentation: Include your email address, as the show catalog will be sent via email ONLY. Include your snail mail address if you wish to be included in the mailing list for the catalog.
Our plan is to install works as soon as we assemble the shanty. So, please send your art early so it can be installed before opening day.

Date limite: January 14, 2010

ADRESSE: Jill Waterhouse, Mistress of the Post
The ArtPost Shanty
P.O. Box 7364
Minneapolis, MN 55407


THÈME: Poveri ma(il) belli - Poor but beautiful

Commentaire: Liceo Artistico di Quartu Sant'Elena invites you to participate in it's first Mail-Art Project! MailArt is essentially an art without market, produced by authors that are often unknown, but based on creativity and use of alternative media. Our project wants to stimulate the participation of artists from around the world to express themselves with their artworks through these possibilities, with the aim to involve as many people as possible to Make Art, with simplicity, spontaneity, and above all, creativity! All works will be exhibited in two shows in February and March 2010, in the exhibit spaces of the Liceo Artistico di Quartu Sant'Elena and in a second institutional space. The organization is committed to give full resonance to the events.
Format: FREE
Technique: FREE (2 & 3-d objects, books and artist's books, Artistamps, visual poetry, cartoons, collage, music, video, etc.)
The artist must specify name and nationality, and can add all the information that should be published (address, e-mail and website).
All works must be send by post with postage stamps.
Documentation: online catalogue at
Exhibition: February/March 2010 at Liceo Artistico di Quartu Sant'Elena (CA) - Italy and another public space

Date limite: January 23, 2010

ADRESSE: Liceo Artistico di Quartu Sant'Elena
via Scarlatti 2
09045 Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)


THÈME: Stop Child Abuse Now

Commentaire: Title 1rst International Art Mail Exhibition of Puerto Rico 2010
Theme Stop Child Abuse Now
Size Postcard only A4 - 5”x 6” (105 x 148 MM) maximum.
Limitations Two artwork by artists
Technique free
Exhibition This is a traveling exhibition around universities and cultural centers of Puerto Rico with conference and Art Mail workshop
Documentation Artworks will be visible on the blog dedicated for this call in
Conditions All artworks will be exhibited and no returns. Will be archived in the Collection of Caribbean Center of Art Mail and Visual Poetry

Date limite: January 30, 2010

ADRESSE: Edwin Velázquez / Coordinator / Member IOUMA
Caribbean Center of Art Mail and Visual Poetry
PO Box 8252
San Juan, PR 00910 Puerto Rico


THÈME: “A Book About Death”

Commentaire: MUBE: Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, opens a new chapter in A Book About Death with a new call for art works for exhibition February 6 - 28, 2010.
SINGLE WORKS: Approx. 6" x 9"
MEDIUM: Open; all works accepted
THEME: A Book About Death
MUBE – Museu Brasileiro da Escultura is asking for submissions from artists throughout the world as a critical part and new chapter in the exhibition of the “A Book About Death” collaborative project. This exhibition at MUBE opens on February 6, 2010 and runs through February 28.
A deadline of January 30, 2010 has been set for reception of all submissions, although we
will install any cards received after that date. Digital works are not accepted, sorry. To be included in this exhibition, make a postcard on the theme of death and send it to:
MUBE – Museu Brasileiro da Escultura
Avenida Europa, 218 – Jardim Europa
CEP 01449 000 - São Paulo - Brasil
All works submitted to MUBE will become a part of the permanent collection of the Museum, and will not be returned.
Documentation online of all new works will be made over the course of the next few months.

Date limite: January 30, 2010

ADRESSE: MUBE – Museu Brasileiro da Escultura
Avenida Europa, 218 – Jardim Europa
CEP 01449 000 - São Paulo - Brasil


THÈME: Art, Integration and disability

Commentaire: art as a necessary and very useful tool for free expression by the disabled.
Technique: free
Please bear in mind that your artwork will be view by those who have varying degrees of mental disability.
Documentation/Exhibition: The pieces presented, provided they do not conflict with human dignity, will be published on the blog and exhibited at the center.
Personal mail art works created by the students of the TEAP will be sent as a reply to each of the participants, along with a participation certificate issued by the center.
Professor of T.E.A.P. reserves the right to deliver a personal work to the author or authors of the most significant pieces.
Thank you for participating and opening a window to art.

Date limite: January 31, 2010

ADRESSE: T.E.A.P.(Taller Experimental de Artes Plásticas)
Centro Ocupacional José Moyá
Barrio Tirol Camilleri
C.P. 30.850 Totana Murcia



Commentaire: a mail art call by the Primary School L. Basso based upon Earth and Fire
Coordinated by Claudio Jaccarino
Size and medium: free
No returns
Final exhibition in the school

Date limite: January 31, 2010

Via Giacosa
Trezzano s/N
20090 MILANO


THÈME: What is Disability?

Commentaire: Join people from around the world and send in a postcard documenting your interpretation of "disability". All languages accepted. Create a visual representation of your experiences, impressions, and perceptions. We're taking a creative approach to investigate how many different ways people will interpret the same word. We're looking for people of different cultures, ethnicities, geographic locations, and abilities. This is for anyone. You do no have to consider yourself an "artist" to participate.
Size/Format: Download, print and modify the 6" x 9" postcard on cardstock.
No returns, no sales.
Exhibition: postcards will be on display in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and possibly in other venues around the Washington, DC metro area as part of our 2010 International VSA arts Festival next June.
Documentation: online at

Date limite: February 5, 2010

ADRESSE: Disability Postcard Project
c/o VSA arts
818 Connecticut Ave NW, St 600
Washington, DC 20006


THÈME: Identidad Cultural

Commentaire: 1era Muestra Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Arte Correo & Poesía Visual en Puerto Rico 2010
Tema Identidad Cultural
Tamaños Arte Correo A4 - 5”x 6” / 210x297 MM (máximo)
Poesía Visual A6 - 81/2” x 11” / 105 x 148 MM (máximo)
Limite Dos Obras por artistas debidamente identificada con el nombre del artista, dirección y correo electrónico.
Técnicas Todas
Exposición Será documentada en el blog
Lugar La exposición será una itinerante por Universidades y Centros Culturales de Puerto Rico acompañada con talleres y conferencias sobre el arte correo.
Condiciones Toda obra será exhibida y no se devolverá. Pasaran a la Colección del Archivo Caribeño de Arte Correo y Poesía Visual.

Date limite: 15 de Febrero de 2010

ADRESSE: Edwin Velazquez / Coordinador / Miembro IOUMA
Centro Caribeño de Arte Correo y Poesía Visual
PO Box 8252
San Juan PR 00910-8252 Puerto Rico


THÈME: Dancing Through Life

Commentaire: I'm sponsoring a mail art project at my ballroom dance studio. The mail art submitted will be exhibited in my studio for six weeks around March 20th which is the local art crawl. Nearly 300 people pass through my studio on that evening so submitted art will 
have a significant viewing.
What is mail art? Mail art is art that can be mailed through the postal service. Often it is on the outside of an envelope. 
Sometimes it is on the inside. It can be on/in a regular envelope, a legal or other size envelope, a post card, a box. It is up to you. Anyone can be a mail artist.
The theme, "Dancing Through Life," can be interpreted literally or figuratively. All submitted work will be exhibited. 
Documentation will be mailed to all who submit. No work will be returned. All submissions will become property of StudioJeff. 
Submissions may be exhibited at other dance studios in Minnesota or elsewhere.
StudioJeff is a school of ballroom and latin dance. I teach cha cha, fox trot, waltz, tango, rumba, hustle, samba, country 2 step, salsa, polka, line dancing, and more. I teach individuals, couples, and groups and I host parties and other events. Your artwork 
can reflect these or any other type of dancing or related issues. Is dancing your metaphor for survival? Is dancing your symbol for life? Has dancing brought you joy or pain? Express yourself in mail art and send it to me!! Painting, collage, photography, any medium that can be mailed works.

Date limite: March 6, 2010

ADRESSE: Jeff RingerP. O. Box 1031
St. Cloud, MN 56302-1031 USA



Commentaire: The Wendell Free Library invites you to send a postcard size art work for our mail art exhibit, GREEN SEEN. Green – sustainability, conservation, freecycle, the color….. All techniques and media welcome. Participants’ mail art works will be displayed as soon as they are received at the library. Mail art will be documented at the library website and contributors will receive a printed documentation. Ongoing exhibit will end in June and works will become part of a permanent art collection at the Wendell Free Library.
Maximum postcard size, 5 ½ x 8 ½ in. / 13.97 x 21.59 cm.
Co-Curators: Christine Tarantino & Richard Baldwin, artists and Wendell residents
New to Mail Art?
Mail Art is a global network of artists………everyone is welcome to participate, all ages and skill levels. Mail Art is fun! Mail Art is inclusive! Mail Art is non-judgmental!
Here are some resources to help you get started:
GOOD MAIL DAY: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art by Jennie Hinchcliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler. Newly published book by librarian and mail artist, featuring work by 100 mail artists, including Christine Tarantino.
Words of Light Mail Art, an archived blog of mail art sent to and from Christine Tarantino.

Date limite: March 21, 2010

Wendell Free Library
P. O. Box 236
Wendell, MA 01379


THÈME: MAIL Art in THE World" 2010."

Commentaire: formed cm. 13x18 postcard
Free theme but not offensive
All the works will be inserted on the blog to the address
Documentation to the participants.
They begs the participants to also divulge the present e-mail to other artists.

Date limite: March 30 th 2010

ADRESSE: Stefano Sini Fossiànt
Via del Lentischio, 50
09048 Sinnai (Ca)


THÈME: phobias

Commentaire: Buffy Dismorr started a mail art project on peoples phobias.
If you want to participate simply send a postcard depicting a phobia you have in any medium. Thank you!

Date limite: March 30, 2010

ADRESSE: Buffy Dismorr
Dingley Hill
Stanford Dingley
Reading, RG7 6JR


THÈME: View from the Window

Commentaire: We want to show how artists translate this classical topic into mailart.
Technique: free
Size: 10 x 15 cm up to 21 x 29 cm
Quantity: max. 2 works per participant
No jury, no return, no fee
Exhibition: Stadtmuseum Weilheim - May 8-30, 2010 - Marienplatz 82362 Weilheim, Germany

Date limite: March 31, 2010

ADRESSE: view from the window
c/o H.E.W galerie wielenbach
Peter-Kaufinger-Str. 18
82407 Wielenbach



Commentaire: A tribute for the city of Portogruaro through a project involving art through mail. The keywords chosen as the theme are the motif of its foundation, joined in a common flow.
Limit - border between earth and water, the river harbor and the trade routes, the channels and the gardens of the palaces, a constant reference to a change in system, material and color.
Exchange - not only of goods but also of colours and scents, artistic and architectural influences, mutual knowledge, therefore culture.
Sign - a condition of consent expressed in gesture, the conclusion of an agreement, a trace superimposed on many others: whose meaning is beyond the sum of the parts.
Project by Rizoo Group, Tiziana Baracchi and Pro Loco di Portogruaro
Format and dimension of work: Artwork must be square. Maximum size 21 X 21 cm
No e-mail
No returns, no jury, no fee, no sales
Exhibition in Portogruaro, 2010
Online documentation:

Date limite: March 31, 2010

ADRESSE: Proloco di Portogruaro
via Cavour 33
30026 Portogruaro (VE)


THÈME: Cranberry Days

Commentaire: Any theme is welcome except that erotica art or violent art or hate mail will not be shown.
Technique/Media: free
Exhibition: brick and mortar mailart exhibit in the late spring of 2010
Artwork posted online:
Please include your email address so a link with your art on this blog can be sent to you.

Date limite: April 15, 2010

ADRESSE: Cranberry Days
PO Box 573
Dyersburg, TN 38025




Date limite: 15.04.2010

ADRESSE: Sandra Valdujo
58310-000- INTERMARES


THÈME: L'Inde et ses contrastes.

Commentaire: L'Inde a un pouvoir de séduction , que l'on y voyage ou dans notre imaginaire, elle étonne, fascine, désarme, bouleverse nos modes de pensées.
En 2010, la ville de la Rochelle organisera des « Escales Indiennes » de février à novembre.
L'Inde sera à l'honneur sous diverses formes : spectacles musique, danse, cinéma ), conférences, expositions jalonneront ces quelques mois.
C'est dans ce cadre que Perspectives Asiennes,
association qui organise des rencontres et des échanges entre la France et l'Inde, propose une Exposition d'Art Postal . 
Installation à la Médiathèque de Villeneuve du 3 Mai au 12 juin 2010.
Caractéristiques - Support et technique libres.
Une ou plusieurs créations.
Pas de jury, pas de retour, pas de vente.
Adresse et timbre sur la face illustrée.
La liste des participants sera envoyée par mail (merci de joindre vos coordonnées.)
Étant membre de P.A , les mailarts reçus seront sur mon blog après l'exposition :
Site de P.A

Date limite: 24 avril 2010 

ADRESSE: Nicole Hulot
Perspectives Asiennes
20 rue de la Fontaine Le Ramigeau
17290 Chambon France



Commentaire: Adresse et timbre du côté de la création
Référence obligatoire à l'histoire de l'art .
Exposition des envois à Caen du 1 au 22 mai 2010.

Date limite: 30 avril 2010

ADRESSE: Cécile Carpena
5 rue Saint Blaise
14000 - CAEN



Commentaire: "ORMAI E' FATTA!" - It is the title of a Horst Fantazzini's book, a detailed recounting of his escape from prison on 23rd July 1973.He's An anarchist's child, anarchist also him, that has passed more' of 30 years in the jail, He says that his life is now. And Now he must try to be free. Or anymore. There is an army in weapons to attend the individual that completes this choice. 
The CST ' song ( [] - ) speaks of the dialectics between the individual and that army. Of the reasonableness of the choice. Of its logicality.' Of the joy that conducts the way of living winning the fear to go beyond that border.
TECHNIQUE: FREE (collage, photography, poetry, drawing, printing, stamps, photocopy, assemblage , sounds....)
SIZE: max A4
No Returns.No Jiury. No Fees.
Exhibition of work in the blog:
Catalog of work at the end of the call to all participants.
Please include your email and mailing address.

Date limite: April 30, 2010

ADRESSE: CST c/o Gianluca Taborre
Via Monte Bianco n.6
66020 - San Giovanni Teatino (CH)



Commentaire: The project “ROMA SOUVENIR, the city and the green” was born from the idea that reality now is actually dominated by the PC, SMS, WEB sites etc.. It also pertains to memory and communication. The tangible souvenir underlines the sensibilities expressed as love, emotion, history, beauty, poetry, enchantment and the light that this city provokes within us and in the expressions of its guests. Please express yourself on this theme.
Sizes : Two dimensional works 20x20 cm, or envelopes and artistamps free
Medium : free
Exhibition: in ROME, November 2010.
Documentation: to all participants
Project in collaboration with Anna Boschi – Mailartmeeting Archives - Castel S.Pietro Terme

Date limite: April 30, 2010

Associazione Chi semina raccoglie
Via A. Bennicelli 37
00151 - ROMA


THÈME: Dogs Dogs Dogs

Commentaire: Media/Technique: free
Documentation: all participants receive a catalogue.

Date limite: May 1, 2010

ADRESSE: Jenny Klein
Wasserburgstr. 36
41569 Rommerskirchen


THÈME: Les quatre éléments / air...eau...feu...terre

Commentaire: Bonjour !
Nous sommes des élèves du Collège Fontaines de Monjous, à Gradignan (33).
Nous participons à un atelier d'art postal, et nous lançons un appel sur le thème :
Les quatre éléments
Date limite : 15 mai 2010. Format et Technique : libre.
Adresse et timbre sur la même face que l'œuvre .
Nom, adresse postale, e-mail, site ou blog, au dos ou dans l'enveloppe.
Si vous ne souhaitez pas que vos coordonnées soient diffusées, veuillez le noter sur votre envoi.
Exposition sur le blog
et à Gradignan en 2010 (dates et lieux à convenir).
Documentation à tous par e-mail.

Date limite: 15 mai 2010

ADRESSE: Art Postal
Collège Fontaines de Monjous
BP 30130 - 33173 GRADIGNAN - France


THÈME: Laissez parler les petits papiers...

Commentaire: format, technique : libre
date limite : 15 mai 2010
Nom, adresse postale, site ou blog : au dos ou dans l'enveloppe
Si vous ne souhaitez pas que vos coordonnées soient diffusées, veuillez le noter sur votre envoi.
Documentation à tous par e-mail. Pas de retour.
Exposition sur le blog et à Gradignan-33- en 2010.

Media, Size : free. Deadline to be received : may 15, 2010
Please include your name, address and website or blog.
If you do not wish your details to be circulated, please advise on your correspondence.
Documentation to all participants by e-mail. No return.
Exhibition on the blog as well as in Gradignan (33- in 2010).

Lettres & Images
Calligraphie latine, Encadrement, Art Postal
5 rue de Mandavit
33170 Gradignan

Date limite: 15 mai 2010

ADRESSE: Lettres et Images
5 rue de Mandavit


THÈME: LA DIVERSITE « L’autre c’est moi »

Commentaire: Pour la seconde année le centre de loisir lance un appel à projet
THEME : LA DIVERSITE « L’autre c’est moi »
Technique et format libre

Date limite: fin mai 2010



THÈME: Impossible Objects

Commentaire: Size: Until A4 (21cm x 29.7 cm)
Only a work by artist. Free technique.
Exhibition: " Espacio de Arte Klee" – Estación Vicente López – Ramal Retiro – Tigre – Provincia de Buenos Aires – Argentina
No returns.
Documentation: to all participants. The works can be sent by postal mail or e-mail. If they decide to send the work by e-mail they 
must do it in format jpg of 300 dpi. to: epoczataljon...
By postal mail to Luis Morado
Pedernera 360 PB "5"
CABA (1406)
A clear example of improbable or impossible objects is without a doubt the work of the sketcher and engraver M.C. Escher. Dale forms to that object that is in your imagination, everything is possible.

Date limite: June 2010

ADRESSE: Luis Morado
Pedernera 360 PB "5"
CABA (1406)



Commentaire: Tamaño-Size : Libre-free
Técnica-Technique: Libre-free
No copias. Not copies please
Exhibición. Atelier Felipe lamadrid.
Color Documentation to every participant 

Date limite: 30 June 2010

ADRESSE: Atelier & Galería Felipe lamadrid
Litoral, 25
11500 Puerto de Santa María.
Cádiz. SPAIN.


THÈME: Piranha Betty

Commentaire: Create an image of Piranha Betty and send it to us. ( All mediums and visual interpretations are welcome. 
Entries will be featured in a month-long exhibition at the gallery and then go on permanent display on the piranha betty's website. We look forward to seeing your imagination and creativity at work. 

Date limite: June 30, 2010

ADRESSE: Piranha Betty 
c/o David Aronson 
3330 Dogwood Dr. 
Willow Grove, PA 
19090 USA


THÈME: Des Vénus pour ILLE

Commentaire: Prosper MÉRIMÉE écrivait en 1837 «La Vénus d’Ille». Mais à ce jour point de trace de Vénus à Ille.
Afin de combler ce manque, je vous propose de participer à une opération de mail art.
Des Vénus pour Ille
L’ensemble des projets seront exposés dans mon atelier au 13 carrer Santa Creu 66130 Ille sur Têt, durant l’été 2010.
le texte intégral de Prosper Mérimée se trouve ici :

Date limite: été 2010

ADRESSE: André Rober
2 carrer Julien PANCHOT



Commentaire: Interpret the subject any way that you like and also include a recipe.
Technique: open
Media: Works should be on the package, card or envelope, not inside. What is mailed is the entry.
Size limit: 12x12 inches max.
No fee
Please include your email address on entry.
Exhibition: Work will be displayed at An Art Affair Gallery and Art Studio.
Documentation: On line documentation at and our

Date limite: July 29, 2010

ADRESSE: You Are What You Eat
c/o An Art Affair
7606 North 83rd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85303



Commentaire: Hi! I'm hosting my 3rd Annual Mail art show...
Art will be documented on my mail art webstie...
I plan on having a mall art show at a gallery next fall similar to the one I had this past August.

Date limite: August 1st 2010

ADRESSE: Jennifer Zoellner
UR Toy Story
665 Jasmine Way South
St. Petersburg, FL 33705


THÈME: Our Planet

Commentaire: 2nd annual mail art exhibition in Pereira, Columbia. This call is focus upon "our Planet".
Size: Postcard - 10x15 cm.
Send one or two postcards without envelope.
No returns.
Please include your name address and email on back.
Documentation: to all participants via email.
Exhibition: October, 2010, simultaneously in various exhibition halls in Pereira.

Date limite: August 28, 2010

ADRESSE: Nuestro Planeta
Juan Carlos Vargas Gómez
Balcones de Villa del Prada
Pereira M6 C 22


THÈME: Poulpe...

Commentaire: Livre collectif de mail art.
Envoyez 18 travaux, grandeur: 14.8 X 21 cm (A5 vertical), numérotés et signés, pour faire une série de volumes, chacun avec plusieurs artistes.
Chaque volume contiendra un minimum de 14 travaux, un par artiste.
Modifiez chaque copie pour qu'elles deviennent des originaux uniques.
N'importe quelle technique: dessins, peintures, photos, collages...
Chaque participant recevra un volume.

Date limite: octobre 2010

ADRESSE: Carlos Botana
General Sanjurjo, 62 - 2º
15006 A Coruña
Galicia - España/Espagne



Commentaire: "Fruits of our own fantasy - that's what we can love truly and worship..."
This is a mail-art project devoted to 200 year anniversary of Russian poet of the 19th century Michael Lermontov. The image of Demon is one of the most important in Lermonov`s art. His Demon is an angel banished from the sky but not accepted by the earth. Obsessed, impassioned, rejected by everybody rushing over the sinful earth between the good and the evil. Demon is doomed to create the evil but his heart is opened for love. The image of Demon is a personification of the inner world of Lermontov himself who was killed in a duel in 1841 at the age of 27. Lermontov's Demon is the solitude and the estrangement, the anxiety and the depravity and at the same time the intellect and the craft. The image of Demon is infinitely contradictory and many-sided. Many poets, painters and composers addressed to the topic of demonism in their art.
The basis of this mail-art project is a peculiar historical art parallel of Lermontov`s Demon with the creative process of Russian talented painter Michael Vrubel which he had at the beginning of 20th century working over his masterpieces devoted to the image of Demon.
Exhibition: Kazan, Actor's House. November 2010.
Format: free.
Technique: free.
Documentation to all participants.

Date limite: October 1, 2010

ADRESSE: Valery Shimanovsky
P.O. Box 804
423578 RUSSIA


THÈME: Bucket List

Commentaire: Send artwork related to your Bucket List – the list of things you want to do before you die. Please include your list on the back  of your artwork – or, just send your list. Documentation will be sent to all that submit. 

Date limite: October 14, 2010

ADRESSE: Serendipity
PO Box 3246
Redondo Beach, CA 90277 USA


THÈME: arte en saquitos de té / sachet de thé

Commentaire: A TOMAR EL TÉ
Interveni y/o crea el sobre que contiene un saquito de té.
Tema: Cervantes ó el Quijote ó Martín Fierro ó José Hernández ó Bartolomé Ronco (coleccionista del Quijote y Martín Fierro)
Cierre convocatoria: 25 octubre 2010
Técnica: libre medidas del papel para realizar el sobre: 6,5 x 15 cm.
Medidas del papel para tomar el saquito: 0,45 x 0,28 cm. aproximado
No concurso no devolución. Exposición en 4º festival Cervantino.
Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires - Argentina

TO TAKE THE TEA Interveni and/or creates the envelope that contains a saquito of tea. Subject: Cervantes either the Quijote or Martin Iron or Jose Hernandez or Hoarse Bartholomew (collector of the Quijote and Martin Iron) Closing call: 25 October 2010 
Technique: it frees measures of the paper to realise on: 6,5 xs 15 cm. Measures of the paper to take the saquito: 0,45 xs 0.28 cm. approximate
Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires - Argebtina

PRENDRE LE THÉ Intervenir et/ou crée une enveloppe sur laquelle il y aura un sachet de thé. Sujet : Cervantes ou le Quijote ou Martín Fer ou José Hernández ou Bartolomé Rauque (collectionneur le Quijote et de Martín Fer) Date Limite du projet: 25 octobre 2010 Technique : libre, dimension pour effectuer l'œuvre : 6.5 x 15 cm dimension pour réaliser le sachet : 0.45 x 0.28 cm approximatifs
Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires - Argebtina

THE Interveni NEHMEN und/oder schafft auf lesquel er enthält ein saquito des the. Thema: Cervantes oder Quijote oder Martín Fer 
oder José Hernández oder Bartolomé Rauque (Sammler Quijote und von Martín Fer) feste Einberufung: 25. Oktober 2010 technisch: er 
befreit Maßnahmen der Rolle, um durchzuführen über: 6.5 x 15 cm Maßnahmen der Rolle, um zu nehmen, was saquito ist: 0.45 x 0.28 cm 
Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires - Argebtina

PRENDERE la THE Interveni e/o crea su lesquel egli contiene un saquito di the. Argomento: Cervantes o Quijote o Martín Fer o José 
Hernandez o Bartolomé Rauque (collezionista Quijote e di Martín Fer) convocazione ferma: 25 ottobre 2010 tecnico: libera misure 
del ruolo per effettuare su: 6.5 x 15 cm misure del ruolo per prendere ciò che è saquito: 0.45 x 0.28 cm approssimativi
Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires - Argebtina
THE Interveni NEMEN en/of creëert op lesquel hij bevat een saquito van the. Het onderwerp: Cervantes of Quijote of Martín Ijzer of 
José Hernandez of Bartolomé Rauw (verzamelaar Quijote en van Martín Ijzer) de Stevige bijeenroeping: 25 Technisch oktober 2010: 
hij bevrijdt maatregelen van de rol om uit te voeren op: 6.5 x 15 cm Maatregelen van de rol om te nemen wat saquito is: 0.45 x 
0.28 cm approximatief
Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires – Argebtina

TOMAR o THE Interveni e/ou cria sobre lesquel ele contem um saquito de the. Assunto: Cervantes ou o Quijote ou Martín Ferro ou 
José Hernández ou Bartolomé Rauque (collectionneur o Quijote e de Martín Ferro) Firme de convocação: 25 de Outubro de 2010 
Técnico: libera medidas do papel para efectuar sobre: 6.5 x 15 cm Medidas do papel para tomar o que é saquito: 0.45 x 0.28 cm aproximativos
Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires - Argebtina

Date limite: 25 octobre 2010

Elissamburu, Javier
De Paula 1382
Azul (7300) Buenos Aires - Argentina


THÈME: Mail Art Biennial "Desliz" 20

Commentaire: Mail Art Biennial is an event that hosts artwork from around the world and unites all in a single book that is displayed in a Cuban alternative cultural space. We have just published the Mail Art Biennial 2009 (convened in October 2007), which was presented in book form on October 29, 2009, the day of opening the call for the Biennial 2011. Check out the artwork.
Technique/Media: Submit a visual artwork or literary work. Each mailart piece must be submitted on a crumpled sheet of paper signed by the author. Please include your email and mailing addresses in a separate document or printed on the back of the artwork.
Documentation: All works submitted will be displayed as they are received on
the Mail Art Biennial website starting July 15, 2011. Participants will also receive digital documentation via email.
Exhibition: The collective book edition will be put on permanent display in a Cuban alternative cultural space.

Date limite: October 29, 2011

ADRESSE: Bienal de Mail Art Desliz 2011
Enna 402 esquina Fábrica - Luyanó
Municipio 10 de Octubre
Ciudad de La Habana
Cuba C.P. 10700.


THÈME: Intercambio de ATCs / Interchange of ATCs

Commentaire: Intercambio de ATCs
Cambio ATCs (64 mm x 89 mm)
Por cada 3 ATCs que me envíes, te envío 3 ATCs
Tema: libre
Técnica: libre
Los ATCs enviados serán publicados en: Eliso Intercambio Arte Correo:

Interchange of ATCs
Change ATCs cards (64 mm x 89 mm)
by each 3 ATCs that you send shipment 3 ATCs
Subject: free
Technique: free
the sent ATCs will be published in: Eliso Intercambio Arte Correo: 

Date limite: 30 de noviembre 2010

ADRESSE: Eliso Ignacio Silva
Apartado 67011
Caracas 1061 – Venezuela


THÈME: L e s o i s e a u x

Commentaire: Technique et grandeur libre
Sans date limite
Inclure votre adresse électronique
Art postal en échange

Date limite: non

ADRESSE: Claudette Furlotte-Essiembre
919, rue Principale
Eel River Crossing
Nouveau-Brunswick (Canada)
E8E 1S9